Creating Worldwide Opportunities


Creating worldwide opportunities


Asia Consulting offers research, analysis and stakeholders engagement which enables Dutch and Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises in entering an Southeast Asian or European market.

Public Speaking

Asia Consulting offers lectures, workshops and trainings for corporations, schools and universities on various ASEAN-EU related topics.


Asia Consulting is actively involved in the World Education initiative (WE), the Indonesia Nederland Society (INS), the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS) & the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN).

Asia Consulting

Your partner in Southeast Asia
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Rennie Roos

Founder & Owner
Rennie is the Founder & Owner of Asia Consulting. He has a MA in Asian Politics, Society & Economy from Leiden University, is the founder of the INYS, co-creator of WE, a board member of the INS and taskforce driver for IDN-NL


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