Jakarta: Learnbeat

Learnbeat 4For the Dutch Start-up company Dedact, Asia Consulting looked into the possibilties of entering the Indonesian Market. Dedact was founded in 2010 by experts in educational publishing and online interaction and was funded by a not-for-profit foundation. Their mission is to prepare the generations for the future to become as best as possible. Dedact is a leading provider of personalised learning and offers products that are intuitive, easy and fun to work with. Dedact is awarded with the European Comenius award for e-learning and the Sprout Challenger Award for realising breakthrough innovations. Dedact works closely together with Cito and the universities of Leiden, Maastricht and Amsterdam to research effects of digital learning.

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During a three month orientation period Asia Consulting looked into the possibilities of introducing the digital learning method “Learnbeat” to Indonesian junior and senior high schools. Within the orientation period  “Learnbeat” was introduced to the government, publishers, schools and companies in order for Dedact to see if a partnership with any of these institutions would be feasible. The main purpose of this orientation was to see if Indonesia is ready for “Learnbeat” and if junior and senior high schools were interested in using this method. The orientation visit led to the start of pilot projects at 5 schools including 16 classes, 495 students and 12 teachers. The schools are located in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor and Cimahi.

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