Den Haag: Frans Seda Foundation Seminar

Asia Consulting - Frans Seda Foundation Seminar 2016 - Den HaagIn June, Asia Consultinging organized the annual Frans Seda Foundation Seminar. The seminar consisted of a six-day program filled with inspiring sessions, constructive dialogues and social activities. Aim of the seminar was to enhance the dialogue between Indonesian and Dutch participants, building bridges between the two countries in academia and the public and private sector. Twenty mid-career professionals from Indonesia and the Netherlands, were invited to join the seminar in the Netherlands. In The Hague, the participants were treated to a well-organized program from Sunday till Friday, consisting of multiple sessions per day to ensure an active and entertaining six days. The sessions ranged from inspiring lectures and company visits to hands-on cases to be solved in small groups. The input for the cases came from businesses, governmental bodies and academic scholars.


About the Frans Seda Foundation:

Frans Seda Foundation 2 400x400The Frans Seda Foundation was launched in 2012 by a group of Indonesian and Dutch businessmen, professionals and intellectuals. Its core mission is to foster the crosssectoral and cross-cultural dialogue between talented young leaders from Indonesia and the Netherlands.Through focused projects the Foundation wants to create opportunities to debate modes of mutual cooperation, resulting in projects marked by synergy and value-added answers to challenges faced by both countries. The group feels inspired by the life-long balanced, non-discriminatory and respectful approach of the Indonesian statesman Frans Seda (1926–2009) in pursuing the global common good. An economics graduate from the University of Tilburg, inspiring relationships between Indonesia and The Netherlands at the individual and institutional levels in all societal domains has always had his special interest.