Sumbawa: Protecting and improving the rights of Indonesian migrant workers in ASEAN

In July, Asia Consulting was invited by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to visit the island of Sumbawa. The purpose of the visit was to participate in a two day seminar on the protection and improvement of the rights of Indonesian migrant workers in ASEAN. With an expertise in ASEAN-EU relations, Asia Consulting was asked to[…]

Den Haag: Frans Seda Foundation Seminar

In June, Asia Consultinging organized the annual Frans Seda Foundation Seminar. The seminar consisted of a six-day program filled with inspiring sessions, constructive dialogues and social activities. Aim of the seminar was to enhance the dialogue between Indonesian and Dutch participants, building bridges between the two countries in academia and the public and private sector. Twenty[…]

Leiden: Learning for Indonesia Foundation

Starting November 1st, Asia Consulting will assist the the Learning for Indonesia foundation in its operations. The main priority for Asia Consulting will be assisting the Board of the Foundation in formally establishing the foundation in the Netherlands and Indonesia. The Learning for Indonesia Foundation (LFI) is an independent not-for-profit organization. LFI aims to enhance the[…]

Haarlem: Frans Seda Foundation

Starting November 1st, Asia Consulting will assist the Frans Seda Foundation in its operations. The main priority for Asia Consulting will be assisting the Board of the Foundation in the Netherlands and Indonesia. The Frans Seda Foundation was launched in 2012 by a group of Indonesian and Dutch businessmen, professionals and intellectuals. Its core mission is to[…]

Jakarta: Learnbeat

For the Dutch Start-up company Dedact, Asia Consulting looked into the possibilties of entering the Indonesian Market. Dedact was founded in 2010 by experts in educational publishing and online interaction and was funded by a not-for-profit foundation. Their mission is to prepare the generations for the future to become as best as possible. Dedact is a leading provider[…]

Jakarta: 3rd Indonesian Diaspora Conference

Review of Youth Forum: Today’s Youth, Indonesia’s Future Day two of the 3rd Congress of Indonesian Diaspora on Thursday, 13 August 2015 was a well-organized, valuable, and stimulating event. The breakout session organized by INYS themed “Youth Forum: Today’s Youth, Indonesia’s Future” conducted in the Bima Room at 16.00 WIB hosted a performance from SD[…]

World Education (WE)

World Education (WE) is an education platform in which classes from Indonesia and Netherlands – and potentially other countries as well – share courses. The idea benefits Indonesia and Netherlands equally. The current situation is that childeren follow courses in there own ‘closed classroom’. This leads to the absense of global awareness and the lacking[…]